S.H.a.R.E Reading

ome elp nd eading njoyment.’s mission is to build reading skills and knowledge for children of all ages using “hands on” reading initiatives supported by volunteers. Our goals are to improve comprehension, and increase sight word vocabulary and oral language.

have recently won grants from both ESB and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Volunteers are welcome to support in the on Monday June 6 for the second year in a row - email to register interest

About Us

tells us that literacy difficulties are a serious problem in disadvantaged areas like north inner city Dublin: this affects children’s vocabulary and motivation to read as early as first class. In 2013, was founded to combat the serious reading difficulties apparent in Dublin’s north inner city. To understand the full scale of this problem...

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What we do

What are we doing about the literacy problem? has over 40 volunteers now working across four schools and two community centres in paired and individual literacy programmes before, during and after school. All volunteers are fully trained in specialised reading instruction and Garda vetted...

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Our approach

uses educational testing to measure academic gain in reading comprehension and vocabulary, and structured programmes tailored to children’s needs to meet reading targets in vocabulary and comprehension. ’s office in now provides children from across Dublin with educational testing and 1:1 tutoring programmes to boost reading achievement.

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